Meeting Minutes Mar 2017

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.

 03-14-2017 Meeting

Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012


Michael Cox called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.



David Rose

Larry Hinkle

Michael Cox

Rex Lindsay



Review Last Month’s MINUTES:     Approved by Larry and seconded by David.


Review FINANCIAL REPORT:  Approved by Michael and seconded by David.Notes: 10 Homes not paid and a letter has been sent out to them on March 7th.




Electrical Problem at Entrances: 

Larry discovered an electrical problem with timer on the Christmas lights.  He called the electrician and had it repaired.  There is a similar problem at the College Street entrance that needs to be addressed.

  • Fixed at a cost of 163.04 and can be removed from the list.


Shingles Coming Off of Entrance Buildings:

The shingles are falling off of the entrance buildings   We need to look into            getting this repaired.

  • It’s still being looked into.


Path in Greenbelt:

Erosion on the path is getting worse.  We need to get some advice about a solution.

  • David had Shane cut back the foliage and cleaned up the path. I don’t think we talked about the erosion issue.


Picnic Tables and Benches:

We had a discussion about refurbishing the picnic tables and the benches.  Larry will get estimates.

  • Larry did get some estimates. It has been requested for the board members to re-look at the picnic tables to confirm that the picnic tables needs replaced. David is going to ask Shane to see if he can just pull up the benches that have issues.



Sidewalk on College:

The sidewalk on College has separated into two different levels.  We need to look  into how to remedy this situation.

  • David is going to try to get it fixed with the city using his new Broken Arrow Action Center APP.


Trash Cans Lids in the Parks:

We need to consider moving the trash cans to more convenient locations and         replace the lids.

  • It’s still being looked into.






  • There is an issue with a property on South Laurel. I don’t know what the issue is. David will call the property manager.
  • Large mobile home at the end of Elgin. David will send a letter.


Garage sale Date:

Create an email to identify a date.


Michael Cox closed the meeting at 7:44 PM.