Meeting Minutes Sep 2017

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
September 12, 2017, Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012

Michael Cox called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



Larry Hinkle 3301 West Elgin Street
David Rose 3009 West Elgin Place
Rick Gilman 205 North Magnolia Ave.
Jeree Gilman 205 North Magnolia Ave.
Michael Cox 3104 West Elgin Street
2 other residents showed up but did not want to write their names or address on the
sheet.


Review Last MINUTES: Minutes were approved.

Review FINANCIAL REPORT: Larry sent out financial report prior to the meeting. He found a $9.00 discrepancy that he cannot resolve.


Shingles Coming Off of Entrance Buildings:
The shingles are falling off of the entrance buildings. Larry has been looking for replacements but they are no longer made. We talked about several ideas as a work-around. One mentioned was to take off one side of one house (the back side) and reuse those to replace the missing ones. Then buy new ones for the side of the house that was stripped. This was tabled until someone comes up with a solution. .

Picnic Tables and Benches:
Larry did some research. Jack Wills not longer brings them into the store because the shipping is too expensive, so there are none to look at. We discussed taking the tables apart and spraying with rubberized paint. There are seven tables and also the benches and trash can lids to be dealt with. This might be a possible solution. Discuss further.

Camper Behind Fence:
David will send a letter to the residents at 3018 West Elgin where a camper shell can be seen around the fence.

Food Truck Parked in Driveway
David sent a letter. Food truck is gone

Appliances scattered around in a resident’s back yard it look very bad:
The appliances have been hauled off and area cleaned up.

Greenbelt Suggestions:
No discussion this meeting..



10 Cars Parked at one house. .


Hot Line
No discussion this meeting .


Next Meeting – November
Budget proposal
Nominations for officers – President
Members Representative/Maintenance


Michael Cox closed the meeting at 07:34 PM.