Meeting Minutes Nov 2019

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
November 12, 2019 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012


President – Michael Cox
Treasurer – Doug Johnson
Secretary – Debbie Kuchta
Member Representative – David Rose
Larry Hinkle – Homeowner
Daniel T. Bauder – Homeowner


7:00 p.m. by Michael Cox


Minutes of last meeting read and approved.


Financial Report reviewed and approved.

Dues remain outstanding for four residences. Liens filed on three properties. 1 home is in foreclosure.


Covenant Changes
Still under consideration. List of subjects is being made as collected. It was suggested that the potential of the City of Broken Arrow changing shifting to trash and recycling bins be added to potential covenant updates as to guidelines for storage, etc.

Shrimp Trailer
Reports have surfaced that trailer has reappeared on 701 North Laurel. We need to be watchful and secure owner remains in compliance.

Walking Paths
Resident questioned why paths are slimmer. It was explained that they are being sprayed by lawn service to prevent grass growth. By spraying the paths were almost 10 feet wide in certain areas. And in some cases even wider. This has been stopped to secure more uniform walking path areas.

Park Equipment
We are needing to look at purchasing 3 new tables. We need to look for someone to install new tables and move others around to better suited locations.

North Kalanchoe Ave
Communication continues between resident and HOA lawyers on above ground pool and two shed violations at this address. Materials being gathered for legal counsel.

Stone Mill Perimeter Fences
Fences have all been repaired and additional stain added to make color consistent on newly added lumber and repairs.

While staining the playsets it was noticed that several repairs are needed. Jack Wills was contacted and has given us a quote for repairs. Voted to proceed with repairs.

Walking Paths
Need to proceed with path repairs, several washouts from all the rains.

3509 West Freeport Street
Contacted Police about Stone Mill Shed Door Kicked over close to the home stealing our electricity, again. Police called and City of Broken Arrow accepting filing.


Nominations for 2020 HOA Officers
President – Mike Parks
President Elect – Michael Cox
Member Representative – David Rose
Treasurer – Doug Johnson
Secretary – Debbie Kuchta

Review of Projected Budget for 2020
Projected 2020 Budget reviewed and approved upon the following condition. Make
adjustment to fence allowance. Moving $4500 from fencing area and into the Path and Trail allowance for much needed upcoming work to be done. Making Path and Trail allotment $6,000 and Fence $500.

Fall Cook Out
Second Annual Fall Cookout on Saturday, October 19th was a success. More than 75 were in attendance. Pictures posted to Facebook.

801 North Hemlock
Resident attended meeting and discussed his plan to get fencing into compliance.


9/30 fencing stain touched up on 129th

Spoke to owner of 201 N Magnolia Ct about signage in yard ( 2) (removed)

Contacted Shane to prep block party grounds

Shane prepping entrances for fall foliage

Larry saw an above ground pool at 3201 W College St. Letter sent to owners (they replied it will come down)

Larry & I met with Marshall to discuss our responsibilities to the Reed Case

Met with AJ Electric for entrance electrical repairs

10/23/19 Lights are out at College entrance because of a short in wiring
Called Al with AJ Electric, to schedule him to get them working. Hope to have him there Monday 10/28. Al did come 10/28 made necessary repairs to the College entrance.

Contacted Greg Dixon for path work to give us estimates on the center section path (delayed due to rain)

Michael, Larry, Doug & Myself met to go over answers to Reeds 1st Discovery Request

Sent email on trailer violation at 909 N Hemlock, it has been removed

Chain link fence at 801 N Hemlock Ave back yard ( letter sent) Removed 11/2/19

Had Office Depot scan all the minutes that were available in our files to a flash drive by the year 1998-2019. Called Marshall to get a time to meet and give him our discovery answers and flash drives.

Called Shane and discussed his work near Debbie’s yard and we will meet with Debbie and discuss his work scope


Next HOA meeting will be on Tuesday, January 14th.


7:42 p.m. Meeting closed by President, Michael Cox