Meeting Minutes May 2012

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.

May 8, 2012 Meeting

BethanyFreeWillBaptistChurch,Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012

The president called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.



Doug Johnson, President

Michael Cox, Treasurer

Rex Lindsay, Business Manager

David Rose, Director of Maintenance

Linda Hooper, Secretary

Charles Gilbert, Resident

Jay Beachel, New Resident


The minutes were read and approved.






Business Manager:

Financial Report:  Rex Lindsay sent out the financial report prior to the meeting for our review.  It was read and approved.


Treasurer/Collection Committee: 



Director of Maintenance: 

Playground Equipment:  Larry, Doug and Linda went to Jack Wills and selected two new sets to replace the existing sets.  The Rainbow Play Systems Sunshine Castle Pkg II was chosen.   They will be installed May 17, 2012.  The old small set will be removed as well, as it is unsafe and an eye sore.





Members Representative:  

Hot Line:  Someone reported three constantly barking dogs at a house near them.  There was a discussion that that is also a covenant violation (two dogs per residence is the maximum allowed).


Bees:  Larry reported that he covered the holes in the storage building and also sprayed for bees.  He also discovered that the bees are actually in the trees at the residence.   David had been trying to contact the resident, but does not have a correct phone number.





Fence at Entrance:   Awaiting estimate.


Trail:  David reported work should begin within two weeks.


Soccer Goals:   Awaiting removal.


Minutes on Website:  Old information needs to be removed.




Playground and Trail Areas:  David reported that there has been a pet buried in a mowing area.  He also reported that a resident put in a Koi Pond and left the piles of dirt in the mowing area.


Dumping:   It was reported that someone is dumping trash in the area bordering Country Aire.


Lori Fullbright Safety Presentation:  There was discussion about the Safety Presentation by Lori Fullbright set for May 14 at the Bethany Free Will Baptist Church.  We decided the best way to let the residents know about it was to print flyers and pass them out by walking the neighborhood.  The flyers also had information about the upcoming garage sale.




Meeting adjourned 7:35 PM.

Meeting minutes:  Linda Hooper