Meeting Minutes May 2011

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
May 10, 2011 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012
Larry Hinkle, President
Doug Johnson, President Elect
Michael Cox, Treasurer
Rex Lindsay, Business Manager
Dan and Donna Bauder, homeowners
Greenbelt Project: Should read: Plat will need to be updated to show that the land behind the first four houses on Hemlock (off 71st), is no longer owned by the HOA. Will wait to update until we hear back from the City regarding the Greenbelt project.
Restrictive Covenants: New violations:
1. 209 N. Magnolia Update: Owner running car repair business from his garage. The president was called the City of Broken Arrow four times. Appears to be still running his business.
2. Indianwood: SUV that was parked in excess has been moved.
3. Trailers: We seem to have a proliferation of trailers being parked in driveways. D. Ross needs to send letters.
Finance Report: Reviewed Monthly Expenses. Rex provided a copy to the board members. There was a question regarding the playground repair charge, which was a down payment for the basketball hoops.
Dues Collections: To date 237 ½ homeowners have paid their dues. Homeowner who paid half of the dues was to have made the payment on May 18th and if we do not receive it, we will place a claim against the homeowner in small claims court. He is paying late fees.
Members Rep/Maintenance:
Basketball hoops: D. Rose has stated that they will be installing the basketball hoops within the next 30 days, weather permitting.
Mowing: It was recommended that we have more moving along the side walk in Stone Mill Bridge II to be cut back at least four feet. David will check with Kevin’s mowing crew to determine if they can accommodate such a request. If not, Doug will check to see if he can find someone to handle the request.
May Update: The president thought that either D. Rose or D. Johnson had arranged for our lawn service to handle or t hat homeowners were mowing this on their own. D. Johnson started that he is the one doing the moving along the walkway.
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New Business:
Incident on Laurel May 6th:
Vehicle damaged two homes. Fire Department was called and homeowner says it took 15 to 20 minutes to arrive. P. Connors has contacted Lisa Ford to see who we should contact at the Fire Department to air our concerns. This is the second time we have had a delay in recent years.
Vehicle Break Ins: L. Hinkle reported that there has been several incidents of unlocked vehicles being ransacked.
Pending Matters: Recorded on “Pending Matters”, a separate document.
Minutes taken by Larry Hinkle in Pat’s absence:
Respectfully Submitted by Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association Secretary:
Pat Conners