Meeting Minutes March 2012

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
March 13, 2012 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012
The president called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.
Doug Johnson, President
Michael Cox, Treasurer
Rex Lindsay, Business Manager
David Rose, Director of Maintenance
Linda Hooper, Secretary
Charles Gilbert, Resident
The minutes were read and approved.
Covenant Violation: Doug with call the city the ‘big truck’ parked in front of a house.
Business Manager:
Rex Lindsay sent out the financial report prior to the meeting for our review. It was read and approved.
Treasurer/Collection Committee:
Dues Collections: Rex Lindsay reported that 316 residents have paid their association dues. 12 residents have not paid. March 24, 2012, 22 letters will go out advising the residents of a $35 late fee and additional cost of the attorney writing the letter ($20) and court fees ($103) that they are responsible for.
Director of Maintenance:
Playground Equipment: David will send Linda the link to Jack Wills site. Linda will visit the store and look at the equipment.
Members Representative:
Covenants: We are waiting to hear attorney response regarding the trailer at 3324 West Freeport Street.
Fence at Entrance: David will call repairman and get an estimate.
Garage Sale: We will advertise the garage sale on Craigslist.
Playground: Doug has removed the rope ladder from the east playground.
Minutes on Website: Linda asked why there is such a time lag in getting the minutes put on the website. She will talk to Cory Elias to get information.
Block Captains: Charles brought up the need to renew the block captain effort – to know who lives where, how many people, pets, etc. in case of tornado or some type of catastrophe.
Meeting adjourned 7:35 PM.
Meeting minutes: Linda Hooper