Meeting Minutes Mar 2016

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.

March 8, 2016 Meeting

Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012


The president called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.



Doug Johnson, President

Larry Hinkle, Treasurer

Rex Lindsay, Business Manager

David Rose, Member Representative

Michael Cox, President Elect

Linda Hooper, Secretary





            The minutes were read and approved.




Rex Lindsay sent out the financial report prior to the meeting for our review.  It was approved.  There are 14 outstanding residents still owing homeowners dues. The attorney sent letters giving one months notice for payment. 








Walking Bridge – Larry has looked at the bridge and measured for repairs.  He estimated $200 to $250 to fix.  Larry and Rex will do repairs. 



Resident Concerns:


A resident complained about kids playing in their yard.  David will tell them to call the city Action Line.   






Walking Trail Cleanup – HOW is scheduled to finish clean up on April 8.


Website – To be revisited.





Replacement for Rex (Accounting) – Larry has been talking with Rex about the duties he does.  Rex says he probably spends 50 hours a year on all duties.  His biggest duties are collecting dues and following up on non-payments.  He uses Quicken, Excel and Word for his work. 


The possibility of having and outside person to take care of his duties would be about $60.00 per resident per year.  This cost would have to be added to the homeowners dues. 


It was suggested to use a dedicated laptop for Home Owners business only. 





            A trailer has been parking from time to time on the street on North Joshua             Avenue.  David will send them a letter.   




Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM.

Meeting minutes:  Linda Hooper