Meeting Minutes June 2012

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.

June 12, 2012 Meeting

BethanyFreeWillBaptistChurch,Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012

The president called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



Doug Johnson, President

Michael Cox, Treasurer

Rex Lindsay, Business Manager

David Rose, Director of Maintenance

Linda Hooper, Secretary

Paul Maben, Resident


The minutes were read and approved.




Political Signs:  Doug sent a note prior to the meeting stating that he is working a letter to put on doors of residents with political signs.


Business Manager:

Financial Report:  Rex Lindsay sent out the financial report prior to the meeting for our review.  It was read and approved.  Rex also reported that there was a slight increase for insurance.


Treasurer/Collection Committee: 



Director of Maintenance: 

Playground Equipment:  New playground equipment has been installed.  It seems to be a hit.


Too Many Dogs:  David reported that he sent a letter to the house with three dogs stating the limit was 2 dogs/2 cats.  He gave them 15 days to abide.


Front Entrance Stone Work:   David reportedthat he had someone come by and look at the broken down post at the entrance and he gave an estimate of $600.00 for repair.  He thinks that the board members can turn the post and it will settle in.  Then the repairman could come by and re-mortar.




Old Information on Website:  Linda sent an email to Corey containing highlighted old information to be removed from the website.


Members Representative:  

Hot Line:  Several calls have been received about the car parking in yard and the motorhome parked in driveway.


Playground Equipment:   Larry sent a note prior to the meeting reporting that the playground equipment to the east has had its flags taken down several times and he has put them back twice. He also found the yellow rope used for the climbing wall in the creek. He now has the rope and three flags in his garage. He reported the set to the west has had no problems





Trail:   David reported work should begin anytime.


Soccer Goals:   The soccer goals will be removed at the same time as the trail works is done.


Minutes on Website:  Old information needs to be removed.


Playground Equipment:  There was discussion about the old small set of equipment and that we understood that the set would be removed as it is in disrepair and is an eyesore.





Car Parked on Yard:  Doug called the City of Broken Arrow and reported.


Motor Home Parked in Driveway:  Doug called the City of Broken Arrow and reported.






Meeting adjourned 7:25 PM.

Meeting minutes:  Linda Hooper