Meeting Minutes June 2011

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
June 14, 2011 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012
Larry Hinkle, President
Doug Johnson, President Elect
Michael Cox, Treasurer
Rex Lindsay, Business Manager
Charles Gilbert, Homeowners, Back up Block Captain
Greenbelt Project: Question came up regarding the Greenbelt and status of City of BA taking possession. L. Hinkle reported that at this point the City is not moving forward.
Restrictive Covenants: Covenant Violations: Continue to have issues with trailers in driveways on Freeport. D. Rose has sent letters. L. Hinkle will drive by and check this week and follow up with D. Rose if necessary. Mattress on porch at 3509 W. College St. N., has been there several weeks. L. Hinkle will call City of BA to see what action can be taken. Home appears to be empty. Car repair business on N. Magnolia Ct may still be active. Will call City of BA if any activity is reported.
Finance Report: Business Manager reviewed the monthly expense report. No unusual expenses and the Treasurer verified all expenses.
Dues Collections: Business Manager reported that we have collected 100% of dues. Last payment was received June 1st.
Members Rep/Maintenance:
Basketball hoops: D. Rose has stated that they will be installing the basketball hoops within the next 30 days, weather permitting. D. Rose called to report that the work on the Basketball Hoops has been completed.
Mowing: D. Rose also called to report that our mowing contractor is mowing the sides of the sidewalk/walking path. Question came up as to whether we will need to brush hog this year. L. Hinkle will check with D. Rose.
Garage Sale: Traffic/participation seemed to be much lower then years past. Thanks to Rex for taking care of the banners.
New Business:
Pending Matters: Recorded on “Pending Matters”, a separate document.
Minutes taken by Larry Hinkle in Pat’s absence:
Respectfully Submitted by Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association Secretary:
Pat Conners