Meeting Minutes January 2011

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
January 11, 2011 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012
The president called the meeting to order at 7:05.
Larry Hinkle, President
Doug Johnson, President Elect
Pat Conners, Secretary
Michael Cox, Treasurer & Director of Architecture
David Rose, Members Rep & Director of Maintenance
Rex Lindsay, Treasurer manager
Greenbelt Project: We have completed all we can do now. Planning committee meets next week, and then we will know the status of our request.
Hotline: Three calls. 1) Becky about a closing 1-24-11. Pat also received an email and is handling 2) Mark Jones regarding lawn service 3) Michelle Coyer 801 Indianwood SUV is still in the drive and complaint about 801 Indianwood (Rental) has 9 people living there with lots of cars. Rex to give Larry owner’s name and phone #.
Treasurer: All bills are paid and association is solvent.
2010 spent $51,756.90 which included the $5.000 for capital assets.
Balance forward: $15,552.20.
Dues Collections: 2011 payments to date collected: 86 checks received.
Minutes: All updated and on the website to date.
Email: Only items for closings.
Members Rep/Maintenance:
No update.
Architectural Committee:
No update.
Christmas Lights:
Larry confirmed we have 24 sets of net lights for next year.
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Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association Minutes, January 2011 Page 2
> Larry asked what Kenosha Landing was. No one knew.
> Larry noted things that need to be handed this year or to determine what we are going to do about them:
> Basket Ball Hoops status
> No stone added to the path this year
> Should we re-spray the fence to maintain it longer into the future? Rex stated it was expensive to stray it. David with check with a painter he knows for a quote.
> Larry would like to know if our webmaster can determine how many people are visiting our website. Pat to send a note to Corey (done at time of finalizing minutes).
> Rex asked about record and document retention…to be a topic at a later date
> SM address on website? (At time of writing the address is not on the website. However, a reminder about dues payments due by 1-31-11 was sent to the webmaster and the address is added to that message. Pat sent a separate email to the webmaster to add the address to the website after the message about dues payments is removed.)
PENDING MATTERS: Recorded on “Pending Matters”, a separate document.
Meeting adjourned 7:42.
Respectfully Submitted by:
Pat Conners