Meeting Minutes February 2011

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
February 8, 2011 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012
The president called the meeting to order at 7:05.
Larry Hinkle, President
David Rose, Members Rep & Director of Maintenance
Michael Cox, Treasurer & Director of Architecture
Greenbelt Project: The lot split was approved by the Planning
Board of BA, contingent upon:
1. Warranty deeds describing each overall parcel shall be brought to the Planning Division to be stamped prior to being recorded in Tulsa County.
2. The warranty deed for the property to be retained by the Stone Mill Homeowners Association shall be revised to exclude the property to the north that has already been
conveyed to the other property owners.
Note: I went over to the Town Hall and met with Brent Murphy to get an explanation. I need to contact either Jeff Bigby or his boss. Probably will have to go back to White Survey and have them alter the drawings. ($$$).
Restrictive Covenants: The green SUV on Magnolia by school bus drop
off has been moved. The black SUV on Indianwood remains. David will
either contact owner or City of BA. David thinks that 801 N. Indianwood may be violating a City ordinance regarding number of people who can live in a single family dwelling.
Treasurer: Reviewed Monthly Expenses. Rex provided copies of expenses to board members.
Treasurer: Reviewed Monthly Expenses. Rex provided a copy to the board members.
Dues Collections: We have received 275 payments as of 2/7/11 or
a total of $45,375. Remaining not paid, 53 or a total of 8,745. Approximately
the same as last year. .
Members Rep/Maintenance:
Maintenance: David is going to get a quote on having our fences stained and also to replace the basketball poles and hoops.
Open Items:
> Larry asked what Kenosha Landing was. No one knew.
> Larry noted things that need to be handed this year or to determine what we are going to do about them:
> Basket Ball Hoops status
> No stone added to the path this year
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> Should we re-spray the fence to maintain it longer into the future? Rex stated it was expensive to stray it. David with check with a painter he knows for a quote.
> Larry would like to know if our webmaster can determine how many people are visiting our website. Pat to send a note to Corey (done at time of finalizing minutes).
> Rex asked about record and document retention…to be a topic at a later date
> SM address on website? (At time of writing the address is not on the website. However, a reminder about dues payments due by 1-31-11 was sent to the webmaster and the address is added to that message. Pat sent a separate email to the webmaster to add the address to the website after the message about dues payments is removed.)
Pending Matters: Recorded on “Pending Matters”, a separate document.
Meeting adjourned 7:35
Respectfully Submitted by Larry Hinkle in Pat’s absence: Formatted by Pat.
Thank you Larry.
Pat Conners