Meeting Minutes April 2011

Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
April 12, 2011 Meeting
Bethany Free Will Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74012
The president called the meeting to order at 7:05.
Larry Hinkle, President
Doug Johnson, President Elect
Pat Conners, Secretary
Michael Cox, Treasurer
David Rose, Members Rep & Director of Architecture & Maintenance
Rex Lindsay, Business Manager
Paul Maben, Homeowner
Linda Hooper, Homeowner
Greenbelt Project: Should read: Plat will need to be updated to show that the land behind the first four houses on Hemlock (off 71st), is no longer owned by the HOA. Will wait to update until we hear back from the City regarding the Greenbelt project.
Restrictive Covenants: No new complaints.
Finance Report: Reviewed Monthly Expenses. Rex provided a copy to the board members.
Dues Collections: To date 323 homeowners have paid their dues amounting to $54,485.85 including late and legal fees. Five homeowners will have claims filed against their property the week of April 12th. 3108 Hartford has been settled.
Members Rep/Maintenance:
Basketball hoops: Nothing on second bid. However we have learned we will have to prepare the hoop and take down the old goal and dig the new hole. To replace the two goals will cost $2,351.14. The guaranty XXXXXXXXXXXXX ??????
Fence: Not staining fences now; would cost $5,000.
Motion: Michael Cox to accept the above, Pat Conners 2nd. Accepted.
New Business:
Broken Arrow Homeowner’s Association Annual 2011 Meeting:
Saturday March 12, 9-12. Larry and Doug attended and Pat attended last part of program.
What we learned:
 On Street Parking: Only good for 24 hours then Illegal
 Must park 50 feet of stop sign and intersection
 Call City Action Line if:
Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association Minutes: April 2011 Page 2
 Inoperative vehicles are sitting too long
 Trailers and vehicles of 21 feet long are prohibited
 Record Retention:
 5 years
 Permanent:
 Deeds
 Insurance
 Plots
 Above ground swimming pools…enforce
 Because an individual covenant is either not being enforced or overlooked, does not mean all other covenants are not enforceable or void.
 No Homeowners policy includes the clause that the insurance company will cover the costs of lawsuits against the HOA.
 The maximum number of unrelated adults that can live in a single family dwelling is 6.
 If a board of director(s) become upset and want to walk off the job they cannot walk away. They are legally liable.
War Games: Homeowner attended the meeting to report the war games behind her house in the greenbelt. Assault or airsoft weapons being used. More information is needed before we may any decisions and some members of the board of officers and directors will discuss with other neighbors regarding this issue.
Approved Architectural Requests: Fords in ground pool
Garage Sale: Pat to send note to webmaster to add a note regarding the garage sale for May 21st to the website. Pat will also send a note to all block captains to forward a note to their areas.
Mowing: It was recommended that we have more moving along the side walk in Stone Mill Bridge II to be cut back at least four feet. David will check with Kevin’s mowing crew to determine if they can accommodate such a request. If not, Doug will check to see if he can find someone to handle the request.
Path: Recommended we recondition the path and add chat this year.
Pending Matters: Recorded on “Pending Matters”, a separate document.
Meeting adjourned 8:11.
Respectfully Submitted by Stone Mill Homeowner’s Association Secretary:
Pat Conners